Mission Statement

Tania’s Place is an organization committed to being the leader in the special needs field through it’s creative programs, competitive fees and highly qualified staff. We will be positive partners with our clients, families, employees and other community service providers. Our ultimate goal is to provide our clients and families with programs and services that encourage individual growth, inclusion and a safe environment without prejudiced.


STAFF   – Highly qualified, caring, compassionate, professional and committed

PROGRAMS/SERVICES – Challenge participants intellectually and physically, encourage personal growth, prepare participants to be  productive members of their community, encourage independence

CLIENTS  – Build confidence to be the best they can be, safe from physical and verbal abuse, safe from ridicule and  discrimination, build friendships

FAMILIES  – Peace of mind, transparency, open door policy, flexibility, offer resources, compassion

FACILITY     – Accessible, clean and safe environment, adhering to all building and fire code

Who, What and When

Tania’s Place’s Executive Director and founder, Francie Trajkovski, is a proud mother of an adult daughter who is developmentally delayed.  Just like you her family had real concerns, “Where will our daughter go or do after she graduates High School?” , “ I will have to leave my job to stay home with our daughter”, “We don’t want her staying home all day doing nothing”, “WHAT DO WE DO, WHERE WILL SHE GO?!”

When she started to research her daughter’s Post Secondary options after she graduates from High School, she found that their options were very limited.  After researching and speaking with other parents in the same predicament, she realized that once our children graduate they are on their own, they had nowhere productive to go.  Many parents would have to either quit their jobs to stay home or burden their families with the care for their Adult Child.  The need for a Day Program was clear and hence the creation of Tania’s Place.  Since the doors of Tania’s Place opened July 5, 2004, well over 200 families have been helped.  Francie only dreamed of such success and now everyone is living it.  Tania’s Place is proof of families taking control of their children’s future and believing in one persons dream to provide our sons and daughters a place to grow as a person and someone that can contribute to their community.  

On September 1, 2013 Tania’s Place moved to their brand new location at 74 Commercial Ave. Ajax. This facility boasts over 8,000 sq ft of space with two levels and is ideal for growth and progress. Click here to visit our new location.

Benefits of Tania’s Place:  Because of personal experiences we can be “Real”, compassionate and have a true understanding   of what our clients and families have to deal and live with.  WE ARE IN THIS FOR RIGHT REASONS….. The development of our children.  
Strong community support from all Community Living Associations, Autism Society   Ontario, Durham Chapter, Kerry’s Place, Resources for Exceptional Children and The Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability.  Involved in the planning of the new Abilities Centre.

  •  Structured programs that will stimulate our children’s minds, bodies and souls.
  •  Enables our children to improve their “real life skills” at home and in their community 
  •  Allow our Children’s families to breath easier so they to can continue to live productive  lives
  •  Our Children will not come here and “Veg” or sit in front of a television all day
  •  Family owned and operated
  •  Your children will be treated like one of our own.